Black History Poster Package.......Save 30%

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Complete Set of Eighteen- 24" x 36" Black History Posters (35% Discount)

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The Power of Education(School for Freed Slaves), Strength(Freed Slaves), Vision(Martin Luther King Jr.- I Have A Dream Speech), Destiny(Rosa Parks), History(Segregated Restrooms), Perseverance(The Freedom Riders), Unity(March on Washington), Determination(Little Rock Nine), Obligation(Cotton Separators), Opportunity(Colored Classroom), Integrity(Martin Luther King Jr.), Dignity(Sanitation Strike Memphis-1968), Unsung Heroes(Tuskegee Airmen), Success(Booker T Washington), Imagination(George Washington Carver), Dedication(Martin Luther King Jr.), Courage(Birmingham Civil Rights Protest), Commitment(Selma to Montgomery- Voting Rights March)